The Instrument Rating opens the door to the world of flying in the clouds. The biggest step to becoming a professional pilot, the Instrument Rating will hone your flying skills to a new level while teaching you advanced navigation techniques that allow you to fly anywhere in the country in many types of weather conditions.


  • Must be 17 years old

  • Must read, speak and understand English

  • Must have at least a Private Pilot Certificate


For those enrolled as full time students, 4-6 days a week, can get the certificate in 8-12 weeks on average. Part time students can take anywhere between 4-6 months to complete. Everything depends on the amount of effort put in the course and weather conditions.

PRICING & ENROLLMENT: (full time students classes start on the first Monday of each month)

  • 21 Hours Cessna 172 Dual Flight Time*

  • 14 Hours Training Device (Simulator)

  • Ground School

  • Computer Based Flight Training Package

  • Check ride Fee

  • Knowledge Test

Starting at $9,000

Prices are not guaranteed, they are only estimates. Prices are subject to change without notice. Refer to the FAR’s for requirements.

*Total number of hours depends upon the student’s aptitude towards flying, study habits, weather conditions and airplanes availability.