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Vietjet Air - A320/321 First Officer

Working Location: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Cam Ranh, Da Nang

Salary: (depending on hours and sectors)

Vietjet Air - A320/321 First OfficerFlight time requirements:

1. Total flight time (multicrew):   minimum 1,500 hrs

2. A320F hours:                     minimum 500 hrs

General requirements:

1.     Maximum Age 60 (M) and 55 (F)

2.     Minimum Height – 165 cm (M) and 160 cm (F)

3.     Minimum Weight – 52 kg (M) and 50 kg (F)

4.     Valid ICAO CPL/ATPL with A320F Type Rating

5.     IR valid (or previous SIM Skill Test)

6.     Valid Class 1 Medical

7.     Letter of authentication from the Civil Aviation Authority of CPL/ATPL's country of origin

(with Name and email address of CAA Licensing Officer)

8.     Recommendation Letter / Release Letter from previous airlines

9.     Criminal Record within 6 months (notarized by Vietnam embassy from country of origin) 

10.   No history of Accident / Incident within 5 years

11.   Last 5 pages of logbook

Last flight on A320F must be within 12 months during the licensing period 

(refresher course at own cost is a must for those who are not recent within 120 days)

12.    ICAO English Level 4 or higher

Vietjet Air - A320/321 First Officer


Step 1: Candidate applies for AVIK
Step 2: Candidates Screening Process 
Step 3: Interview
Step 4: Sim check, Medical Check 
Step 5: Candidate who passes all tests and check will start to work for VIETJET AIR




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