Jetstar Pacific

Jetstar Pacific is the first low cost airline in Vietnam, officially opened in May 2008. Currently, we fly to 33 domestic and international destinations with the modern Airbus A320 fleet. Jetstar Pacific is currently operating 18 Airbus A320 aircraft and will expand its fleet to 30 Airbus A320 aircraft by 2020.
Jetstar Pacific is owned by two major shareholders. Vietnam Airlines owns 70% of the shares and Qantas Group owns 30% of the shares
Jetstar’s mission is to offer low fares to enable more people to fly to more places, more often. Since we launched in Australia in 2004, we’ve carried more than 250 million passengers.
We have one of the Asia Pacific’s largest low fares networks by revenue. Jetsatr-branded carriers operate more than 5,000 flights a week to more than 85 destinations.

Jetstar Pacific

The group consists of:

Jetstar Airways in Australia and New Zealand, wholly owned by the Qantas Group.
Jetstar Asia Airways, based in Singapore and managed by Newstar Holdings, majority-owned by Singapore companys Westbrook Investments (51 per cent), with the Qantas Group holding the remaining 49 per cent.
Jetstar  Pacific Airlines, based in Vietnam and majority-owned by Vietnam Airlines with the Qantas Group holding 30 per cent.
Jetstar Japan, a partnership between the Qantas Group, Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation.
The Jetstar Group Chief Executive Officer is Gareth Evans.

Jetstar Group fleet

The Jetstar Group is a group of value-based carriers providing low fares across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

We'd like to give you the chance to get to know us a little better by reading about our impressive fleet.

Jetstar now flies to 25 domestic and international destinations with a fleet of 19 Airbus A320 aircraft, which are currently renewed. The fleet will expand to 21 Airbus A320 aircraft in 2018.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Jetstar's international long haul services are serviced by a fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Jetstar’s 787-8s are configured with 21 seats in Business and 314 seats in Economy.


Jetstar Boeing 787-8 fleet specification

Number in fleet 11 Jetstar Airways (JQ)
Maximum take-off weight 227,930kg / 502,500lb
Wing span 60.1m / 197ft 4in
Overall length 56.7m / 186ft 1in
Vertical fin height 16.9m / 55ft 6in
Cabin width 5.49m / 18ft
Wing area 325sq m / 3501sq ft
Average cruise speed

Mach 0.85

Cruise altitude 35 to 43,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 126,917 litres / 33,528 US gallons
Range with full payload 10,186km / 5,500 nautical miles
Maximum thrust 284kN / 64,000lb
Engines  General Electric GEnx-1B64

Jetstar Pacific

Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 can carry 180 passengers within Australia and New Zealand and on flights within Asia. It offers the widest cabin of any single-aisle aircraft in the sky. 

The A320 is a proven and reliable aircraft with low operating costs, which means more savings for our customers. It also has the lowest fuel burn, emissions and noise footprint of any aircraft in its class.

Jetstar A320 fleet specification

Number in fleet 53 Jetstar Airways (JQ)
18 Jetstar Asia (3K)
24 Jetstar Japan (GK)
8 Jetstar Pacific (BL)
Seats All leather seats 17.88 inches wide and an average seat pitch of 29 inches
Maximum take-off weight 77,000kg / 169,400lb
Wing span 34.1m / 111.8ft
Overall length 37.6m/ 123.3ft
Vertical fin height 11.8m / 38.6ft
Cabin width 3.7m / 12.2 ft
Wing area 122.4sq m / 1,318sq ft
Average cruise speed 863 kph / 466 nautical mph (kts)
Cruise altitude 29 to 39,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 23,860 litres / 6,300 US gallons
Range with full payload 4,800km / 2,600 nautical miles
Maximum thrust 110.31kN / 24,800lb
Engines 2 x V2527-A5 International Aero Engines (IAE)

Airbus A321

The Airbus A321 is a longer variant of the A320, and can carry between 220 to 230 passengers.

Jetstar A321 fleet specification

Number in fleet

8 Jetstar Airways (JQ)
Seats All leather seats 18 inches wide and an average seat pitch of 28 inches.
Maximum take-off weight 93,000kg / 204,600lb
Wing span 34.1m / 111.8ft
Overall length 44.51m / 1463ft
Vertical fin height 11.76m / 38.7ft
Cabin width 3.7m / 12.2ft
Wing area 122.6sq m / 1,320sq ft
Average cruise speed 863kph / 466 nautical mph (kts)
Cruise altitude 29 to 39,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 26,700 litres/7,050 US gallons
Range with full payload 5,600km/ 2,350 nautical miles
Maximum thrust 140.55kN / 31,600 lb
Engines 2 x V2533-A5 International Aero Engines
Jetstar Pacific

Bombardier Q300

Jetstar’s regional New Zealand services are operated by a fleet of Bombardier Q300 aircraft. Jetstar’s Q300s can carry 50 passengers.

Jetstar Q300 fleet specification

Number in fleet 5 operated by Eastern Australia Airlines for Jetstar Airways (JQ)
Maximum take-off weight 19,505kg / 43,000lb
Wing span 27.43m / 90ft
Overall length 25.67m / 84ft 3in
Vertical fin height 7.49m / 24.58ft
Cabin width 2.49m / 8.166ft
Wing area 59.57sq m / 641sq ft
Average cruise speed 505km/h (318mph)
Cruise altitude 25,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 3,210 litres / 848 US gallons
Range with full payload 1,520km / 945 nautical miles
Maximum thrust 2 x 2380SHP/1,775kW
Engines PW123E

Jetstar Pacific


We're proud to have been recognised by our customers and respected industry leaders as one of the best low cost carriers in the Asia Pacific region.Here are some of our awards:

Jetstar Airways

‚Äč    -   Best Low-Cost Airline - Australia/Pacific 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 (Skytrax)

    -  Partner of the Year 2012 (Changi Airline Awards)

     -  Top 5 Airlines by Absolute Growth in Cargo Carriage 2012 (Changi Airline Awards)

     -  Best International Budget Airline 2011 ( Readers’ Choice Award)

     -  Best Low-Cost Airline - Australasia 2009 (Skytrax)

     - Top 5 Carriers for Passenger Growth 2009 (Changi Airline Awards)

     -  Low-Cost Carrier of the Year 2008, 2007 (CAPA)

     - Best Low-Cost Airline Asia Pacific 2008 (Budgie$)

     -  Best Low-Cost Airline - Worldwide 2007 (Skytrax)

      Best Cabin Crew - Australia and New Zealand 2007 (Skytrax)

      Operational Excellence 2007 (Airline Business)

Jetstar Asia

    Top 10 safest LCCs in the world by (2018, 2017)

    -  8th most punctual airline in the world (OAG Punctuality League 2018)

    -  Best Low Cost Carrier (Travel Weekly Asia 2017)

    -   Best Budget Airline in Asia (SmartTravelAsia.Com 2017)

    -  Five Star-Rating for On-Time-Performance (OAG 2017)

    - Top 5 Airlines by Passenger Carriage (Changi Airline Awards 2017)

    -   Top 10 Airlines by Passenger Carriage - Changi Airline Awards 2007 – 2015

    -    AsiaOne People’s Choice Award for Best Budget Airline 2013 – 2015

    -   Platinum Award (Foreign Airline) - Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s Tourism Awards 2014

    -   Low Cost Carrier of the Year - Payload Asia Awards 2014

    -  Foreign Airline of the Year (Southeast Asia) - KLIA Awards 2013

    -  Partner of the Year 2012 - Changi Airline Awards

    -  Largest Growth in Passenger Traffic from Singapore - Changi Airline Awards 2011

Jetsatr Japan

    - Best Perceived Value in Domestic Transportation category, Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI) Survey 2014, 2013

Jetstar Pacific

     - Vietnam’s most popular e-commerce website for 2008

    -  Vietnam’s most popular e-commerce website for 2009

     - Vietnam’s most popular e-commerce website for 2010

     - Vietnam’s famous trademark in 2008

Jetstar Pacific




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