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A320 Pilot Job

Join an Airline Cadet Program!

Joining VJAA Training through a cadet program gives you the launchpad to a dream career as a pilot since making flights memorable for thousands is a brilliant feeling. What makes a cadet program special is that you will be offered a conditional offer of employment, subject to successful completion of the program. If you have a passion for aviation, the enthusiasm to work as an airline pilot, and want your airline company to be stable, thriving and influential, discover the below cadet programs!


Airline ready training package:

We will take care of everything you need to be 100% airline ready and start working as a pilot immediately.
Step 1: A320 Type Rating
Step 2: A320 Full Flight Simulator
Step 3: Knowledge Test
Step 4: Airlines Job Interview Preparation Course
Step 5: Base Training 
Step 5: Line Training

Time To Shine 




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